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G626(Almost similar with G636,with better colour & price) 
    Granite Slab
 Countertop & Sink
 Stone Line & Blindman Stone
    Stone Line
    Blind Stone
    Stone Table
 Rome Column & Pillar
 Paving Stone & Kerb Stone
 Stone Carving & Pattern
    Stone Carving
 Cutural Stone
    Cultural Stone
 Composite Tile
    Composite Tile
She Whie
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    We have own quarries and producing lines and exporting right,We stick to the idea of “Reputation First and Customer Upmost”,and take sincerity as our basic principle and led by the marketing demands and guided with customer’s requirements.Customer’s recognition and laurel are pouring in for our quality products and our finest technichs

    We are going together with the times,developing the space of international markets for our business. We set up a joint-ventured enterprise of “M&G DECORATING TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED”with SUN TRADE ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.from Tanzania.

    We sincerely welcome those insight customers and enterprises to come together with us to inaugurate a more brilliant future!!!

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